Newborn & Toddler Keepsakes

 Newborns best performed at 2 - 4 weeks of age, toddlers anytime.
Due to an increase in business, turn-around time is now 4 weeks.
blue hand and feet love plaque.jpg
baby Joe impressions 1.jpg
grandmother's hand cast 2 GG.jpg
Marcus complete hand and foot 2.jpg
bucket list canvas.jpg
pink and gold castings.jpg
Mia's tush sculpture.jpg
bronze hand and foot.jpg
love green newborn foot cast.jpg
Rachel and daughter's foot.jpg
patriotic newborn castings 2.jpg
Garrison's love plaque2.jpg
bronze castings.jpg
two bums.jpg
Pink love plaque with hand and feet.jpg
K newborn foot casting.jpg
vintage baby foot 2.jpg
pink flower love plaque.jpg
Our miracle foot shadowbox with
twins love plaque 3.jpg
pink newborn foot impressions pro 4.jpg
2D hand and foot impressions 1.jpg
gold and copper with newborn castings pr
Chelsea's baby keepsakes.jpg
Maddie 2 MK.jpg
Rock & Roll Baby.jpg
blue baby tush mk.jpg
grandma holding baby's foot.jpg

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