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PREGNANT MODEL NEEDED!  Must be 7-8 months along, B cup bra size and willing to let me cast you without your bra.  You'll receive a FREE newborn hand and foot casting for your time.  Please call or text Gloria at 480-353-8033.

newborn hand and foot on pink.jpg

3D newborn hand & foot:  $50 each

Ariana's love plaque.jpg

3D Newborn LOVE plaque, feet only, $125

blue hand and feet love plaque.jpg
3D Newborn LOVE plaque $175
twins love plaque 3.jpg

Newborn love impression plaque:  $115

Garrison's love plaque2.jpg

Toddler LOVE impression plaque:  $175


10" newborn impression plaque:  $80 $70 for one hand & foot only

Megan Marie yellow plaque.jpg
Newborn birth stat plaque,
one foot, $65 both feet, $75
newborn foot impression with dad's airforce boot.jpg
Adult shoe impression with newborn or toddler foot $85

All photos, designs and finishes are proprietary of Maternity Keepsake, do not copy for your personal or business use!

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