3D Hands, Memorial Castings & Paws

Rupa's first weeding anniversary.jpg

3D couple hand cast:  $135

Christina's family hand wreath.jpg

Family hand wreath:  Adults, $70 per hand, children 6-11, $60 per hand

flower hands sculpture.jpg
Flower style hand plaque:  Adults, $65 each, children 6-11, $55 each
family hands 4.jpg
Group family hands, adults:  $70 each, children 6-11, $60 each
Kemper's memorial sample hands.jpg

Adult memorial hand casts: 

See prices/book page

Ariel castings MC.jpg

Newborn/toddler memorial castings: 

See prices/book page

Cali's 3d front pawt casting.jpg

K9 paw castings, $55 small dogs,

               $65 large dogs

Maddy and Quincy 4-1200.jpg
Owner's hand $65, dog paw $55 for small, $65 for large

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