3D Hands & Paw Castings

Couples, families, children, dogs & owners.
Greg & Chiquis 1.jpg
silver hand cast 4.jpg
grandmother's hand cast 2 GG.jpg
Christina's family hand wreath.jpg
3d dog paw Nichole.jpg
John and Donna's hand cast.jpg
Maddy and mom.jpg
Chiquis and dad's hands.jpg
Lauren's family hand cast 1.jpg
Cali paw cast.jpg
Tom and Pam's hand casting.jpg
Annie's foot 2.jpg
Maria and Javier's gold hand casting.jpg
Max's copper hands.jpg
Rupa's first weeding anniversary.jpg
peace love.jpg
Kemper's memorial sample hands.jpg
our hands.jpg
silver and gold mother and child casting
family hands 4.jpg
gold mother and child shadowbox.jpg
Ariel castings MC.jpg
Stephanie's finished hand cast 2.jpg
star hand cast.jpg
Heavin's finished hand cast.jpg
Teddy and Flelix.jpg
Chiquis & Nikki & dog 4.jpg
Maddy and Quincy 4-1200.jpg
gold hands pro 2.jpg
Jodi & Keith's hands.jpg
Gonzaga 1.jpg
Nicole's finished copper hand cast.jpg
Meggie's 3d paw cast 2.jpg
Love mommy and baby.jpg
Amelia's castings.jpg
Rachel and daughter's foot.jpg
hand wreath pro b & w.jpg
Gus paw cast.jpg
Frank's hand castings.jpg
paw and nose casting.jpg

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