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Preserved to Last for Generations with my "Trademark" Finish!

Let MK transform your belly cast into a beautiful piece of art for your nursery.

belly cast with tulle over belly.jpg

Basic plaster gauze belly cast:  $65

Kate's blue mold 2.jpg

Preserved front side only:  $185

Preserved one color belly cast:  $245

Preserved two color

belly cast:  $285

gold and copper with newborn castings pr

Preserved lace-up belly cast

up to 3 colors: $300

pink & brown side mold.jpg

Preserved side profile belly cast:  $375

copper belly cast.jpg
3D Partial:  $250       
Christa's before and after bronze MK.jpg

Preservation & repair service:  $235+

Deliver or mail your belly cast for this service.

Maternity Keepsake's belly cast finish is "Trademarked."  All photo and designs are proprietary of Maternity Keepsake, do not copy for your personal or business use!

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