Custom Belly Casts "Preserved" to Last for Generations!

Do you have a belly cast made from a kit, I specialize in "preserving" your mold to last for generations and turn it into a beautiful piece of art for your nursery.

Due to an increase in business, turn-around time is now 4 weeks.  

red white and blue 2.jpg
black and gold belly cast.jpg
belly cast with tulle over belly.jpg
yellow & blue sample 0.jpg
Celest's belly cast.jpg
black and white polka dot MK 9.jpg
Amy's finished cast MK 1.jpg
pink and silver belly cast MK 9.jpg
teal with orange flower 1.jpg
white with black flowers.jpg
tulle mold 0.jpg
Christa & 5 belly casts 2.jpg
pink and grey belly bum & foot casting.j
London's before and after.jpg
gold and silver before and after.jpg
pink polka dot before and after.jpg
blue with brown trim before and
Christa's before and after bronze MK.jpg
before and after Nicole's silver belly c
Dana's before and after New York belly c
blue and cream molds MK.jpg
pink and blue trio.jpg
pink and black belly cast 2.jpg
blue & silver mold MK.jpg
Carla 2.jpg
silver and black polka dot 2 MK.jpg
pink with grey flower 1.jpg
Jessica's gold belly cast MK 9.jpg
silver and pearl belly cast.jpg
bluebelly & baby.jpg
copper and blue mold & tush.jpg
gold and rust mold 3.jpg
teal & orange mold with tush 1200 pixels
lavendar mold 2.jpg
Roseanne's finished belly cast.jpg
Aqua belly cast 2.jpg
Edna's mold.jpg
black and white polka dot 3.jpg

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